Shitty Bread

I’m now at 16,415 words. I have 23 sections written. I’ve outlined 4 more sections meant to take me to the end. Though I say “outlined” I really mean titled sections with loose descriptions of what should happen – hardly an outline.

My writing today felt pretty unproductive. I added on to a section and it’s adding a new wrinkle to the story. I like it, but it may come too late and I don’t really need any new turns by this point. If I decide to make this a novel I may revisit it, but I’m feeling like I’ll have to cut it for this draft.

Had a great cup of coffee. Bought some bread. It’s kind of shitty.

First Goal

I could spend weeks tweaking this goofy blog. I’ve landed on this theme for now as a way to avoid anymore time on this. It’s called MAGMA! That sounds hot, which is what I’m going for.

I’m going to try to use this blog as a way to motivate myself. I’ll set goals and write about how I’m doing with them. For me, I’ll have this as my writing journal and hopefully that will help me to finish my work. I’m sure I’ll post other stuff here as well, but for now that is the agenda.

Let’s start with my first goal: I’m working on a story temporarily titled “Woman Under the House.” It originally was to be a short, but it’s already bumping against 15000 words, which is pushing it for publication in a magazine like Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (submitting here would be a later goal except now the story is probably too long). Anyway the goal… The goal is to finish the first draft by the end of this month. Today is the first of the month so this is doable.

The obstacles I face are many, as I’m a master procrastinator. I’m installing “State of Decay” on my computer as I write this. This admission makes me cringe to write. Video games are my crack. I’ve gotten better about not playing this summer, but they beckon on tough days when the juices aren’t flowing, and daddy duties have worn me down. That’s my other big obstacle. I’m currently a full-time dad. I loves me some baby, but sometimes his care makes writing difficult.

So there it is – my first goal and some of my obstacles. Good luck, me!

New site!

I’m still working out the kinks for my new website. I bought some WordPress themes through Socialstack. I thought it’d be a lot easier to set up. It’s not.

Day 1

Brown Soda Bread!